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The EDS is made up mostly of students who regulary come and go (and some who come back again!), so we are always looking for new people to join us. And we really don’t just need actors! Nor do you have to be a student to take part.

Next production

Whilst we are hoping that it will be posssible to put on a production in July 2021, you will appreciate that we will not be in a position to make any decisions on the summer semester until March or April. In the meantime, you can register your interest in joining us and we will contact you with information as soon as we know more.

Why join the EDS?

Maybe you’ve seen some of our plays, are interested in theatre, or just want to get involved with a fun group of people and would like to join us. Even if you have no ambitions to become an actor or actress and can’t see yourself on stage, if you have an interest in theatre and the English language, there is plenty to do off stage as well.

How much of a commitment is it to be part of the EDS?

We usually rehearse Mondays to Thursdays from 8 – 10.30 p. m. in front of the Audimax in the main university building, Bismarckstraße 1 in Erlangen. For most of the semester only the director need be present every night. Principal actors usually have to rehearse on 2 – 3 nights while smaller parts may require only one rehearsal per week. The week before the performances, however, demands a very large time commitment from all those involved.

We perform two plays every year – one week in February and one week in July – in the Experimentiertheater, also in Bismarckstraße 1 in Erlangen.

I have an idea for a production. Do you want to hear it?

Whilst suggestions are always welcome from group members, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which play to perfom – not least the large number of people who wish to take part. The EDS is not a democracy, however 😉 and the play is chosen and cast by the director.

I can’t act. Can I really still get involved?

Yes! Introductory meetings and auditions are held in first teaching week of each semester (mid-April for the summer production and mid-October for the winter production). Actors, singers, dancers, make up artists, stage designers, stage builders, costume makers, lighting technicians, sound technicians, poster designers, programme makers, ticket sellers, gophers, dogsbodies, and general factotums are always welcome to come along. A production on this scale is not possible without many people to do the many jobs.

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