6th December

Advent Calendar: 26 days of Christmas 2020

1. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus - Santa Claus

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"Santa Claus!"


Claus thought that none of the children would ever know where the toys came from which they found by their bedsides when they wakened the following morning. But kindly deeds are sure to bring fame, and fame has many wings to carry its tidings into far lands; so for miles and miles in every direction people were talking of Claus and his wonderful gifts to children. The sweet generousness of his work caused a few selfish folk to sneer, but even these were forced to admit their respect for a man so gentle-natured that he loved to devote his life to pleasing the helpless little ones of his race.


Therefore the inhabitants of every city and village had been eagerly watching the coming of Claus, and remarkable stories of his beautiful playthings were told the children to keep them patient and contented.


When, on the morning following the first trip of Claus with his deer, the little ones came running to their parents with the pretty toys they had found, and asked from whence they came, there was but one reply to the question.


"The good Claus must have been here, my darlings; for his are the only toys in all the world!"


"But how did he get in?" asked the children.


At this the fathers shook their heads, being themselves unable to understand how Claus had gained admittance to their homes; but the mothers, watching the glad faces of their dear ones, whispered that the good Claus was no mortal man but assuredly a Saint, and they piously blessed his name for the happiness he had bestowed upon their children.


"A Saint," said one, with bowed head, "has no need to unlock doors if it pleases him to enter our homes."


And, afterward, when a child was naughty or disobedient, its mother would say:


"You must pray to the good Santa Claus for forgiveness. He does not like naughty children, and, unless you repent, he will bring you no more pretty toys."


But Santa Claus himself would not have approved this speech. He brought toys to the children because they were little and helpless, and because he loved them. He knew that the best of children were sometimes naughty, and that the naughty ones were often good. It is the way with children, the world over, and he would not have changed their natures had he possessed the power to do so.


And that is how our Claus became Santa Claus. It is possible for any man, by good deeds, to enshrine himself as a Saint in the hearts of the people.

2. The Christmas Lights Went Out

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My sister, she was naughty, she told me just before,

When I caught her sneaking in through the kitchen door.

I hope our dad won't get too mad - she's really, really sorry.

Just see for yourself and listen to her little story.




The Christmas lights went out-
The ones Dad just suspended.
He took all day to hang them,
But their gleaming's promptly ended.
I wonder how he'll take it
When he steps out in the snow
To marvel at his handiwork
But find he's missed the show.
The Christmas lights went out,
And all's dark on our lawn—
One fleeting, fizzling moment
And his masterpiece is gone.
I think I'll step inside now
To avoid how he reacts
When he finds one broken bulb
In the middle of my tracks.

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