We are the EDS

The English Dramatic Society (EDS) is a regularly performing English theatre group at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg language centre (Sprachenzentrum).

We produce two
plays every year

Comedies in the summer, serious plays in the winter.

For many years our plays were mostly, well actually almost always comedies. We now usually perform a serious play in February and a comedy at the end of July / beginning of August.

The EDS celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012 having first taken to the stage in 1972 with a production of “The Country Wife” by William Wycherley. Since then Since then the ever-changing company of students, lecturers and professors and their friends, spouses, children and pets, has produced over 90 plays altogether.

94 productions from
A - Z (almost)

Something for everyone – and not always Shakespeare.

We’ve played Ayckbourn, Allen and Albee, Beckett and Bolt, Fry and Friel, Sheridan, Stoppard, Shaw and Shakespeare, Wilde and Wilder. Aristocrats and artisans, barons and beggars, colonels and clowns, damsels and dowagers, elves and fairies, gods and harlots, idiots and jades, kangaroos and lovers, magicians and nymphs, officers and priests, quacks and ringmasters, sirens and troubadours, upstarts, virgins, wastrels, xylophones and zeds, we’ve played them all.

Okay! We lied about the kangaroo, the virgin was pregnant and the xylophone was in fact a glockenspiel… but it’s still an impressive list. Not that quantity is all we have to offer, of course.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

... is the play most often performed by the EDS (6 times to date).

William Shakespeare

... is the playwright whose plays have been performed most often (13 plays, 34 including repeats).

94 productions

... have been produced by the EDS since 1972, 27 of them by the current director.

The director

The EDS is currently directed by Kirsten Henry, a former student of Theatre Studies and English at the University of Erlangen.

Kirsten joined the EDS as as student in 2001 when she acted in the production ‘Front Page’. She has since appeared on stage in a number of EDS plays and also been regularly involved in the technical side (lighting, stage design) of several shows. Since taking over the role of director in October 2006 she has directed the last twenty-seven plays from “The Taming of the Shrew” in February 2007 to “Hedda Gabler” in 2020.

The EDS has seen a number of directors over its 45 year history – 15 to be precise. The longest serving director is Damian Quinn who over a period of 20 years directed no fewer than 39 EDS productions.


The theatre

For 48 years the EDS has been a regular guest in the Experimentiertheater, at the end of each university semester.

The Experimentiertheater (The “EX”) is situated within the main building of the faculty of philosophy and ‘Audimax’ in Erlangen and is part of the Institute for Theatre and Media. It is a technically well-equipped theatre with some of the latest light and sound technology, a variable stage area, variable seating and space for audiences of up to approximately 150 people.

Having opened in 1970 as a central university facility, the Experminetiertheater celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020 – just two years ahead of the EDS.

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